Utrillo vd Heffinck

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Utrillo vd Heffinck has many strengths to produce modern and competitive sport horses. He possesses the commercial look of his father, with a beautiful head and grey coat.

Available as Pregnancy Deal – Chilled or Frozen Semen.

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BWP • Grey • 1997 • 169cm

Clinton holstCorradoCor de la Bryere sf
Quintana VD BosrandHeartbreakerNimmerdor
Fatima VD HeffinckRandel Z
J’aime VD Heffinck

Utrillo vd Heffinck has everything modern sport horses need: elasticity, a strong back and scope from his impressive genetics (Clinton x Heartbreaker). Utrillo has a good temperament which he passes on to his descendants. Utrillo provides a important blood from a disappeared male line in France, one of the fabulous thoroughbred Rantzau through Cor de la Bryere (sf), and Corrado.


Utrillo is already the father of more than 30 winners in CSI. He started riding in Belgium in 2000 and in France in 2005. His first major progeny in France were born in 2013, the “D” that are 2 years old in 2015.

He is the father of excellent international winners born in Belgium:

  • Spirit of Life CSI 5 * with O. Lazarus (WBFSH 2014)
  • Cesar CSI 5 * with B. Heers (USA), Dryden CSIO (380th Global 2013) with I. Millar,
  • Blanchee CSIO Pablo J.Barrios (642nd Global 2010) Contra Bormes CSI 5 * with Pius Schwizer (WBFSH 2013) Domino (WBFSH 2013)
  • Baston Van Koekshf, Batida GP, Udo Z stallion, Eloi C Dakar (WBFSH 2013)
  • Dream of Flying Faithfull Glory (WBFSH 2013)
  • Dynamic Vd Heerten (WBFSH 2013)
  • Eros Vd Boekkant CSI 3 * (WBFSH 2013)

Excellent young horses in France Utrella Z (ISO 126) Ukkie Z (ISO 125) with Mr. Violette Rocuet or Mail HDC ISO 122.

Utrillo already has several approved stallion sons: Basj, Bonapart BWP, SBS Udo, Ultra Z and Advance, Arozina KWPN.

It is known that a dream cross was that of Thoroughbred Rantzau x Furioso. So Utrillo is also suitable for Voltaire, Kannan, For Pleasure etc… We also know that Utrillo gives excellent offspring from the crossing of Laudanum (Fegrag, Jaguar). With all these mares foal’s, Utrillo produces stylish, bay or gray, with good movement, balance and very responsive in jumping. Utrillo, after several years of absence from his stud work due to international competitions, successfully returned to stud in 2012: 230 mares from 2012 to 2014. Among them, several great champions winning SF CSIO as Eve of Etisses, Haxelle Dampière or Katchina Mail.

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