Stakkato’s Golden

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Stakkato’s Golden – Modern stallion of the future. Pedigree, pep and power!

Available as Pregnancy Deal – Chilled Semen.

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Stakkato GoldStakkatoSpartan
A l’Esprit
Madonna IV

At the Oldenburg Stallion Days 2017, this amazing young stallion was licensed. A lot of scope, an excellent manner and best technique are his special trademarks, in which the entire internationality of his ancestor gallery is impressively reflected.

Stakkato’s Golden‘s sire Stakkato Gold was internationally successful and regularly produced amazing international horses. For years, he has dominated the FN show-jumping breeding valuation. In 2015, he was “Hanoverian stallion of the year.” His dam sire Canturano I won his stallion performance test in 2006 in Adelheidsdorf. He was also successful in international classes. With Gerco Schröder and Wout-Jan von der Schans, he was very successful in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

In 2007, he won the stallion competition in Denekamp; in 2008 he won the final of the stallion test. Canturano I’s descendants are victorious in competition after competition in show-jumping. Corrado I’s son Indorado in the third generation was highly placed in the final of the German Championships with Ulrich Kirchhoff and turned into an exceptional sire in the Netherlands.

In Germany alone, 48 of his descendants are successful at advanced level/S level. With Wolfgang, Ulft and Souvenir, top Dutch stallions appear in the previous generations. The motherline produced numerous successful sport horses in the Netherlands.

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