Soliman de Hus **Standing in Ireland**

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Soliman de Hus confirms all the qualities that could already be detected at a very young age: his offspring are starting to excel on the international scene – among which his son Sultan des Paluds – 7yo World Dressage Stallion recent ly sold to Helgstrand Dressage in 2020. Soliman is also sire of the 6yo French Eventing Champion California d’Horset!

Standing in Ireland in 2021 with excellent quality semen available 7 days per week.

Available as Pregnancy Deal – Chilled or Frozen Semen.

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Sandro Hit, OldSandro Song, OldSandro, Holst
Antenne II, Old
Loretta, Elite OldRamino, Westf
Lassie, Old
Danea, HanDonnerhall, OldDonnerwetter, Han
Ninette, Old
Alhambra, St Pr HanAlabaster, Han
Gloriette, Han


**Standing in Ireland for 2021**

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Soliman de Hus; the best son of the world famous dressage legend Sandro Hit. SOLIMAN DE HUS has six licensed sons and over 45 state premium mares. Sire of 7yo World Dressage Champion; Sultan des Paluds and 6yo French Eventing Champion California d’Horset!

From his first crop, the Sandro Hit daughter Poetin also won the world title for 6-year-old dressage horses in 2003.

Sandro Hit’s dam Loretta has two other approved sons: the Grand Prix winner Diamond Hit (in combination with Don Schufro), ridden by Emma Hindle, and Royal Hit by Royal Dance.

Sandro Hit is the father of a large number of horses competing at top level, amongst them Santana (Mina Tilde), Sandro Boy (Lyndal Oatley), Sancette (Mary Hanna), Sansisco (Carrie Schopf), St Emilion (Dorothée Schneider), Sir Diamond (Juliette Piotrowski), Polka Hit Nexen (Andreas Helgstrand).

On his dam’s side, Soliman de Hus carries the blood of the dressage foundation sire Donnerhall, a stallion that combines very successfully with Sandro Hit. A well-known example is the stallion Sir Donnerhall.
Donnerhall featured among the best dressage horses in the world for many years under Karin Rehbein. The combination won team gold and individual bronze at the WC in The Hague and the EC in Verden.
Dressage qualities are also solidly anchored in the dam’s line of Soliman de Hus. Dam Danae is a full sister of the dressage horse Diandra, the star of the Verden autumn auction in 2003.

The Grand Prix dressage horse KK Athene under the Swiss Annemarie Järmann is a full sister of Soliman’s granddam Alhambra.
This Hanoverian lineage 655 is also responsible for the Grand Prix dressage horse Wellington (by Wanderer) ridden by Alexandra Simons-de Ridder and for more than 20 licensed stallions.

Soliman was awarded Supreme Champion Stallion in 2007 at the Hannoverian stud.

He is considered the best son of Sandro Hit by German breeders.

  • Aged 2, he wins the Supreme Championsip of the Hannoverian Koerung in Verden, Germany 2007. Genuine phenomenon, he charms an enthusiastic public with his exceptional paces and charisma.
  • Aged 3, he wins the 30 days testing with excellent marks of 9.38 for conformation & type, 8.88 for trot, 9.06 for canter, 8.13 for walk, 9.63 for rideability and 7.13 for jumping.
  • Aged 4, he completes his testing with two 9’s for conformation and paces and 9.5 for temperament
  • Aged 5, Soliman dedicates his year to breeding
  • Aged 6, Soliman qualifies to participate in the German Championship for young dressage horses. The judges award him the very good average of 85%, which ranks him third in the qualifier! He finishes ninth in the final test.
  • 8 years old, he starts at Small Tour level. He wins two St Georges competitions at the Grand National of Auvers with more than 71% and 69%! He also ranks at the fifth place for his first International competition at the CDI 3*, in Saumur.

Hanovarian: 169cm: Dark Brown; 2005

WFFS : Gentype N / WFFS (carrier)

Grades for breeding (from 1 for a few to 5 for a lot) :
SIZE : 4   LENGTH : 3   CHIC : 5
BLOOD : 5   SCOPE : 4  BONES : 3



SOLIMAN DE HUS has six licensed sons and over 45 state premium mares. Sire of 7yo World Dressage Champion; Sultan des Paluds and 6yo French Eventing Champion California d’Horset!


 ▶ 2nd best sire of Young Horses in the Classic Dressage Cycle by earnings in 2018 and N°1 of the Sire in the Free Cycle.
Sinclair de Hus 
is 12th of the 6-year-old French Championship with L. Gourdain, excellent at 5 years old. Star de l’Ocean, IDR 136(18), French Vice-champion at 4 and 5 years old, “Elite”, with G. Recoing, Cramique Kerguelen, 5th of the 6-year-old Championship  with N. Aimé, “Elite”, Surprise de Hus, 8th of the 5-year-old championship “Excellent”, 6th of the 6 years old, “Excellent” with M-N. Fullop, Sol Di Pasqua IDR 127(19), Nacre des Prés IDR 124(19), Mademoiselle des Prés IDR 122(19), Bolero de la Mure IDR 122(19). Scarlet des Paluds, 9th of the 4 year old Free Cycle Championship, Dyor la Templerie8th of 5 years old 1st year and Sixtine de Hus 12th, Sweet Création Z, 7th of 6 years old 2nd year, Salvator de Hus, 2nd of Free Cycle 3rd year IDR 129(19) , Cartouche Beaulieu 6th and Cathalina 12th, Selda, “Elite” at 5 years old, CDI2*, IDR 141(18), Sélène des Paluds, IDR 140(17) with A. André, Shakespeare d’Estive IDR 137(19), Saint Emilion IDR 140(19), Skate Moos Excellent at 4 and 6 years old and « Very Good » at 5 years old IDR 135(19), Shakira de Hus, 9th at 6-year-old, “Excellent” IDR126(19)….
▶ Sultan des Paluds won his first Grand Prix in 2019 with Kirsten Brouwer at 9 years old! Vice World 7 years old Champion in Verden and 7 years old Champion of Holland in Ermelo, 8 years old Champion of Holland of the small tour.
▶ Gazelle Birmane is 5th in the French 3-year-old championshipJaya de Tremoguer, finalist of the French Championship of female foals 2019.
▶ California d’Horset is 6-year-old French Champion in Eventing and 5th of the World Championship with Y. Dirou, Viceversa de Banuel, Bimblo Fleuri, Scarlett de Oaslen Z, Sir de Saint Fray are all good winners in eventing.

The Hanoverian society licensed in 2012 SAROTTI MOCCA SAHNE, a serious descendant of our stallion SOLIMAN DE HUS. Out of a mare by LAURIES CRUSADOR xx x ROTSPON, this young stallion finishes 7th at the Hanoverian Championship for 3-year-olds which is held during the World Championship for Young Horses in Verden (Germany). 4 years old he wins several tests and finishes 4th of the Hanoverian Championship.

A son of SOLIMAN DE HUS out of a mare by FÜRST HEINRICH and WELTMEYER was also licensed during the famous stallion licensing of the Hanoverian society in October 2012. He was also awarded the title of premium stallion, a distinction that only the best licensed stallions receive.

Amongst his licensed sons is also WOODLANDERS SUPERTRAMP, out of a mare ROTSPON, whose first crop received wide approval in the UK. He is stationed in the fabulous stud of the double World Championess WOODLANDERS FAROUCHE. Another example is STERNLICHT GGF (by RASCALINO), first son of SOLIMAN DE HUS to be licensed in the United States.

SOLIMAN DE HUS is also renowned for his quality as damsire: his daughter SOLAIKA (mother by WESLEY) was sold for the historical price of 62 000 € during the Hanoverian Elite Auction in August 2013, a price that was never before reached for a broodmare at a Hanoverian Auction!

GRANDE SEMAINE DE POMPADOUR (French Championship Eventing)
– VICEVERSA DE BANUEL (mother by LAMPON) finishes 11th

GRANDE SEMAINE DE SAUMUR (French Championship Dressage)
– SINATRA DE HUS (mother by RUBIN ROYAL) is the Supreme Champion in the category foals. NACRE DES PRES (mother by WELT HIT II), also out of SOLIMAN DE HUS, is first runner up.
– SULTAN DES PALUDS (mother by DE NIRO) and STING DE HUS (mother by ARGENTINUS) finish first and second in the category 3 year old geldings.

– PAV SMART (mother by WELTMEYER) finishes at the 5th place (4-year-o



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