Plot Blue

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Plot Blue illuminated the world stage from 2003 to 2015.

Available as Outright Purchase – Frozen Semen.

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KWPN • 1997 • Bay • 168cms

Mr BlueCouperusNaturel
Santa FeeSan Fernando
Wildbeere xx

From the temper of For Pleasure, Baloubet, Casall. Plot Blue will be in France and fresh.

Started with Werner Muff, it is with Markus Ehning that he will reach the heights from 2008, when he won the GP CSI5 * Lyon. At the age of 18, the public and the CSI of Geneva will celebrate his retirement. Some spectators did not cry.

Sporting longevity, the seal of an uncommon constitution, is the guarantee of success at the stud farm (Confère For Pleasure, Baloubet, Casall).

For the breeder, the health capital of ascendants is a guarantee of athletic success for his foals.

From Mr Blue, his father, big winner who made two years for BLH, we know the excellence of the production with the French jumenterie (Zirocco Blue …) and its great ease of use. At the end of 2017, he is 17th among the fathers of international winners of all ages.

Ilotte, Pilot’s mother of Plot Blue, also produced the excellent Oklund stallion, a top performer in 160 and the father of 32 international winners including Tarpan (D. Lynch). Ilotte is also the mother of Ulotte who gave birth to the great champion Babylotte (Murier Dollar) 2nd in the GP CSI5 * of Oslo,
12th in Helsinki, 3rd in the Nations Cup in Wellington, winner of the GP CSI5 * and the 2017 Hickstead Nations Cup with Yuri Mansur. The last product of Ilote is Vilotte who is none other than the mother of the stallion Elton John Level 160cm.

Plot Blue’s grandmother, Santa Fee, is Sotheby’s own sister 4th in the Tampa World Cup Final
She is also the grandmother of Persing winner of the Nations Cup of Aix La Chapelle and the Berlin GP with Peter Charles, Quick Sox and Paramo K international winners level 160cm.

This pedigree, these performances, this longevity, that’s gold for the breeders of sport horses.
This powerful horse, exploded, with a mental mind will carry even higher the work of his father Mr Blue. is certain.

Like the illustrious For Pleasure and Baloubet, Plot Blue produced very little until 2011 when his first real generation was born. About fifteen males, three are already stallions in different European stud-books.
The first French subjects are very promising.

In 2017, the Holstein breeders rushed on the young prodigy Million Dollar, son of Plot Blue for which the German breeders lack superlatives.

The Plot Blue are very easy to order. As with his father, Plot Blue will be given all sizes, those who need power, those who are uncooperative.

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Outright Purchase – Frozen Semen

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Beligneux le Haras (BLH)