Phin Phin

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Phin Phin is an international stallion that breeds very well. He gives a lot of jumping ability also breed horses with blood, looseness and good movements, and they are good rectangular models.

Available as Pregnancy Deal – Frozen Semen.

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BWP • 1992 • Chestnut • 168cms

Chin ChinConstantCor de la Bryere
Miss Abdullah TAbdullahDonauwind

The pedigree of Phin Phin is of great genetic value. His sire, Chin Chin competed at the Olympics. Ella is a half sister to the sires Roman and Farn. Chin Chin and Abdullah are among the best jumping horse in the world.

Phin Phin himself jumps very quickly from the ground, he is a blood-type horse who shows good technique and has a lot of commitment and quality.

Great performances of Phin Phin among others are:

  • Winner of Cycle 7 year old jumpers Belgium.
  • Winner of 7 and 8 year olds in Rotterdam.
  • Winner 2x Champion in Arnhem.
  • Winner International 1.50/1.60 meter height m sections of Amsterdam, Arnhem, Geesteren Maastricht, London, Wembley and Sachendorf.
  • Winner of the Grand Prize Zwolle.
  • Winner of the Grand Prize Gyon 1.60 m
  • 2nd Audi Grand Prix Wiesbaden 1.60 m

Phin Phin is very high on the jumping index in the Netherlands and Belgium. His children make much impression at the inspections.

Phin Phin x-Zelhem Gelderland champion and reserve champion of the Netherlands.

Phin Phin x-Viscount (end) very striking young stallion that wonderful breed.

Phin Phin x-Mytens mare National Championship.

Many international horses at FEI list include:

  • Avenier (Phin Phin x Flamingo) rider Dominique Hendrickx
  • Uniki (Phin Phin x Silvio 1) rider Magnus Aalberg
  • Urona (Phin Phin x Voltaire) rider Omer Karaevli
  • Utah (Phin Phin x Lys de Intestines) rider Philippe Dobbey A winner!
  • Tin Tin (Phin Phin x Cassini) rider Alice Debaney. A phenomenon!
  • Top-Secret (Phin Phin x Cadmus) rider Christian Schraun
  • Vedette-Spiel v. Field (Phin Phin x Capitol) Yannik rider Martin.

2010: Phin Phin is awarded for his unique breeding performance!

2011: The great breeding results in the international sports by Phin Phin was honored in Belgium. Phin Phin in now Ambassador of the BWP studbook. A great appreciation.

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