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Lordanos has earned the title “Stallion Stallion” during his lifetime. He attracts attention worldwide through his successful offspring. In America, he was named “Jumper Sire of the Year 2013” because his descendants in America were the most successful!

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Brown • Holsteiner • 1993 • 169 cm

LandosLordLadykiller xx
Uta VCalypso I
AshleyAhorn ZAlme Z
Heureka Z
SofiaCalypso I

WBFSH Show Jumping Sire #86

Lordanos began his career as a series winner in about 40 jumping horse tests. Then he was consistently successful in class S jumping for over ten years – as a “family horse” he has won with all three riding Sosaths S competitions. With Janne Sosath-Hahn he jumped over two meters in the power-jumping and was victorious in the Grand Tour. After a long athletic career Lordanos was adopted at the age of 18 from the sport and now enjoys his retirement on our farm.


Lordanos is a descendent of the famous and high profiled “Ramiro line” 776 and a guarantee for maximal inheritance of performance and talent. The father of Lordanos is Landos, who is one of the sons of the impressive stallion, Lord. On the dam’s side there is the very interesting blood of Calypso I and Capitano. The dam’s sire, Ahorn Z, comes from the international show jumpers Almé Z and Heureka and has produced many top show jumping horses. In the third generation there is the bloodline of Calypso I, who is the father of some of the world’s top dressage and show jumping horses. The bloodlines of the top stallion, Cottage Son xx, are also very dominant in Lordanos. Lordanos’ sire, Landos, and his dam, Ashley, both come from the Holsteiner line 776. This line produced top sport horses and the stallions Calvados I and II, Cortino I and II, Captain Incipit, Lord Incipit, Lauritz J, Rossini, Toledo and the famous and important sire Ramiro.


Lordanos’ descendant have won more than 1 million Euros. Only last year more than 40 of his children have been successful in 1.40m – Grand Prix in Germany. There are many more worldwide. A lot of international riders ride offsprings of Lordanos successful at the important shows. Lordanos can look back on a growing number of highly successful show jumpers such as: Lou, (Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum), Let’s Fly (Rodrigo Pessoa, Sieger CSI**** in Rom 2009), Lumos (Amateur Andres Brünz, Victor in the big price of Mannheim 2008), Larissa (Dirk-Thomas Liehr), Lord Pik (Kai-Antonius Diekmann), Lucca (Anneke Wilharm), Larson (Heiner Rohrmann), Lex Lugar (Carsten-Otto Nagel, best horse in Aachen in the price of Europa 2008, Derby-winner 2010), Lord (Jürgen Kurz), Lissabon (Jens Baackmann), Lord Lohengrin (Karl Brocks), Lord Sandro (Uli Kirchhoff) und Laokoon (Hendrik, Janne und Gerd Sosath).

They and many others were successful in the advanced class. In 2010 the victory of Lex Lugar and Carsten Otto Nagel at the Hamburger jumping derby belongs to the most special results. The year before Hendrik was pleased about an excellent 4th place with Laokoon during the heaviest jumping of the world. Laokoon was in the same year a standard winner during puissance show jumping competition.

Some more are placed or have won international around the world 1.60 m – jumpings, such as Adriano M, Lazzarone, Le Grand or First Leon. The exact figures can be determined, however, as they are rarely included in the statistics. Also available in the FN breeding value estimation where Lordanos get 144 points of inheritance for his jumping, Only the nationwide results included!

Lordanos presented every year a good number of horses which qualified for the Bundeschampionat. After Lumos’ victory in Warendorf in 2004, Light On was a high placed finalist in the class for five year olds in 2007 and 2008 and a lot of the offspring were placed at the championates in the last years, in 2010, Lemwerder became Hannover champion.

The number of licensed Lordanos offspring has grown meanwhile up to 40. His daughter Lara Croft became winner’s mare of the OS federation in 2008. In 2009 once more Lordanos appears as a dam´s sire of the OS-winner’s mare Raja Luzandra by Ludwig von Bayern in Rastede.
Highly successful in dressage was Tailormade’s Lancelot by Lordanos, who won the top competitions for young dressage horses in Denmark.

Lordanos passes on his beautiful type and he is compatible to nearly every type of mares. His descendants show best character and performance, high rideability and best ability to jump.

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