Lord Z

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Lord Z is a pure-bred Holsteiner stallion, who has a favourable influence on Dutch showjumping horse breeding.

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Because of his super leg technique and great attitude Lord Z has been a great acquisition for jumping horse breeding, who is ready for more blood.

Lord Z is a son of the legendary stallion Lord, who in turn is the father of the well-known international jumping horses Livius and Lugana. The grandfather of Lord Z is the jumper horse Calando I. Calando has many international successes to his name with Karsten Huck and later with Edgar-Henry Cueper. Lord Z. comes from the Holstein strain 206. The mother of the well-known jumping horse Atlantic with Wout-Jan van der Schans, is a full sister of Lord Z. Lord Z himself has jumped internationally with, among others, John Withaker. They won many victories and high prizes in Grand Prix, including 1st Cannes, 1st Munich, 2nd Kuala Lumpur, 3rd Zürich etc. The children from the first year of Lord Z jump themselves again at Grand Prix level.

One of the most famous children is his daughter Nicolette, who won the Grand Prix of Madrid with Robert Withaker. But Lolfee, My Lord, Nigel, Lordana, Phillip, Little B, Liberty, and Odea are also internationally successful. Lord Classics (by Lord Z.) won the Leipzig Grand Prix in January 2006 with Marcus Ehning and Philip (by Lord Z) was 7th in the Dubai World Cup. Lord Z is very high on the German jumping index (149 Pt.) With a high reliability.

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