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Fürstenball sets milestones. Champion stallion, performance test winner, Bundeschampion, Sire of a Champion Stallion, you can want nothing more from this stallion at such a young age!

Available as Pregnancy Deal – Chilled or Frozen Semen.

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Oldenburg • Dark bay • 2006 • 172 cm

Fürst HeinrichFlorestan IFidelio
MarellaClassiker v. Calypso II
Maureen v. Weltmeister

After being celebrated as Champion Stallion at his licensing in 2008, Fürstenball has already produced, from his first offspring, the Champion Stallion Follow Me who became the price highlight (400,000 Euros) at the Oldenburg Stallion Days 2012 in Vechta. In Verden in 2013, Fürstenball presented four approved stallions, including the price highlight Farrell (€ 460,000, Blue Hors Stud / DK) and the premium-awarded Finest. Ten sons have been licensed so far. At the German Foal Championships in Lienen he presented the Champion Colt as well as another son in the top ten. For years he has produced top foals, which have been sold many times in the six-figure price bracket at German auction sites.

His first offspring have already won young horses competitions in 2013 and have brought their father with 167 points to be amongst the top of the FN’s breeding value estimation within his age group. Fürstenball himself represents pure fascination. With maximum lightness, submissiveness and elasticity he embodies the modern dressage horse. After being sold for a record price of 110,000 Euros as an auction foal, he was the celebrated licensing and stallion performance test winner with sensational dressage index scoring 154.98 points (9.0 or higher for a total of 16 times and a 10.0 for rideability) andBundeschampion of the five-year old dressage horses in 2011. He received a top score of 9.5 for trot and overall impression, 10.0 for walk, 9.0 each for canter and submissiveness and finally he won the championship with a score of 9.4. Prior to this, he became Oldenburg Regional Champion with a score of 9.1. In 2012 he again confirmed his quality with high placings in the regional championship and Bundeschampionship as well as at the World Championships for six-year old dressage horses.

Fürstenball’s successes did not happen by chance. His sire, Fürst Heinrich, was himself Dressage World Champion and produced 48 stallions and, so far, 38 advanced (S) level dressage horses after just a short time in breeding. The dam line of Mon Amour, which is originally French, is in a class of its own: This line is known for the 2007  Oldenburg Champion Stallion, Sieger Hit, second Reserve Champion Hot Spot, the fascinating Desiderio, high-priced foals and several others. Fürstenball is also inbred to legendary dressage sire Donnerhall. Holsteiner and Thoroughbred genes add the final refining touch in the next generations of his pedigree. In 2013 he won his first advanced (S) level classes and Prix St. George tests in 2013 and during the Oldenburg Stallion parade he was celebrated as the VTV-Dressage Stallion of the Year.

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