For Pleasure **ICSI Only**

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After one of the longest and richest career of the showjumping history, For Pleasure is going to turn into one of the best European sires.

Available as Outright Purchase – Frozen Semen. Price per 1 ICSI session. No shipping fees at Avantea.


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Hanoverian • Chestnut • 1986 • 167cm

Furioso IIFurioso xxPrecipitation xx
Que Je Suis Belle xx
Dame de RanvilleTalisman

ICSI Price; €850 per session, unlimited certificates. No shipping fees at Avantea, Italy. Please contact us directly via email to order;

For Pleasure retired at the age of 20 at Aachen CHIO in 2006 and began a full time breeding career. He received the highest mark for jumping of his performance test in Medingen of 145.95. His lifetime earnings in sport were in excess of €1.8 million!

Career highlights

  • Four championship victories in eight years with the German showjumping team
  • Four times winner of team gold; 1996 Games, 2000 Games and European Championships at Hickstead and Donaueschingen
  • Individual bronze with Marcus Ehning at Donaueschingen
  • Winner of 75 S-level classes
  • Winner of his last Grand Prix (Leipzig round of World Cup) at the age of 18
  • He competed against two of this own progeny, For Keeps and Farina at the 2005 Wiesbaden Grand Prix

2010 For Pleasure had an FN jumping index of 153 and a dressage ranking of 101.

Hanoverian Index; 162 for jumping and 100 for dressage

For Pleasure is #12 in the 2013 WBFSH show jumping sires rankings

Breeding Suggestions

He suits mares with enough blood, size and elegance and he brings his jumping ability, suppleness and wonderful attitude.

Purchase Option

Outright Purchase – Frozen Semen

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