Flipper d’Elle

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Flipper d’Elle – The French National Stud phenomenon boasts successful offspring both in Show Jumping and Eventing. He passes his fantastic feeling and talent.

Available as Pregnancy Deal – Frozen Semen.

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Double Espoir SFAIbrahim DSThe Last Orange DS
Vaillante DS
Quatrieme Espoir SFAPlein D’espoirs DS
Gazelle DS
Pavlova Des Malais SFAJalisco B SFAAlme SFA
Tanagra SFA
Gueule D’amour SFAUriel SFA
Belle Helene PS

Flipper d’Elle was a finalist at the French Young Jumper Championship in Fontainebleau as a 4YO, 5YO and 6 YO. In 2000, he was reserve champion of the 7YO class. For most of his 10 year international showjumping career, Flipper was a permanent member of the French Showjumping team.

His most memorable achievements are as follow:

  • 2001: Winner Grand Prix CSI Auvers
  • 2003: Winner Grand Prix CSI 3* La Courneuve, Team winner CSIO 5* Dublin, Team reserve champion CSIO 5* Rotterdam, Team winner of the 2003 Samsung Super League
  • 2004: Winner Grand Prix CSI 3* Chantilly, #2 Nations Cup and #9 Grand Prix CSIO 5* Dublin, #2 Nations Cup CSIO 5* Hickstead, Winner Nations Cup CSIO 5* Rotterdam
  • 2005: Winner Grand Prix CSI 3* Chantilly, Team Bronze medalist European Championship (San Patrignano), reserve champion French showjumping Pro championship, winner Grand Prix CSI 2* Deauville; Winner the Nations Cup CSIO 5* St Gallen, #3 Nations Cup CSIO 5* La Baule, #2 Nations Cup CSIO 5* Barcelona.

Flipper d’Elle breeds to the great Ibrahim on both Sire and Dam lines. His sire, Double Espoir was a legend in Europe. He sired International jumpers such as Bayard d’Elle, Fidelio du Thot, Avec Espoir, and Apache d’Adriers. Double Espoir’s sire, Ibrahim, needs no introduction as one of the most influential foundation sires in breeding. His most famous son is Almé. His dam, Pavlova des Marais was by Jalisco B who is considered as the “Sire of Sires”. His products include Quidam de Revel, Papillon Rouge, Quito de Baussy, Epsom Gesmeray, Olisco, Dollar du Murier, Rochet M to name a few.

As of 2015, Flipper d’Elle has sired a total of 2088 mares. Among his offspring there are more than 80 CSI winners and numerous showjumping and eventing performers. To name a few:

  • Glock’s Prince de Vaux, CSIO5, CSI-W ,Dieter Koefler, ISO 171
  • Master de Ménardière, CSIO5*, CSI-W, Hans Dieter Dreher, ISO 162
  • Royal des Bissons, CSIO3*, Astrid Kneifel
  • Lucrate d’Eau Grenou, CSIO4*, Team Silver medalist Mediterranean Games, 2009, ISO 166
  • Lapidus de Launay, CSIO5*, Giuseppe Rolli, ISO 151
  • Milos du Plain, CSI4*, Natale Chiaudani, ISO 163

Flipper’s has proven himself as a great sire that passes on his brave minds as well as his extraordinary jumping ability and style. Each year, he has a significant number of offspring that qualify for their respective showjumping age class finals in Fontainebleau. A growing numbers of youngsters make it to the hunter finals each year.

He has a huge popularity outside of France.

Despite his small size, Flipper produces enough frame and needs a mare with blood. His main strengths are: respect, courage, scope and genetics. He adds catlike agility, very good character and loads of talent.

Flipper suits larger mares. He has great results with Dutch, Belgian and German mares that need refinement. He is therefore a sought after stallion in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Flipper d’Elle can be crossed like a thoroughbred. Most of his products are medium-sized, athletic and very pretty types (right balance of weight, bone, not too light, not too heavy).

Flipper passes on his great action over the fences. He produces amateur oriented, easy and smart horses. His foals have been commercially very successful these last few years, as the market is looking for horses with more blood.

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