Fantomas De Muze

1,250.00 excl. VAT

Fantomas De Muze – The wonderful mix of Sandro Boy, For Pleasure and Darco!

Available as Pregnancy Deal – Frozen Semen.

Ibreed/Stal de Muze Stud Summary T&C
Payment of the stud fee at the first insemination entitles the mare owner to unlimited attempts to achieve one pregnancy in that year. If no pregnancy is achieved before the end of the breeding season of that year, the stud fee less €300 + VAT booking fee will be refunded upon receipt of veterinary certification on or before October 1st of the same year. If a confirmed pregnancy does not result in a live foal at 48 hours, the stud fee less the €300 + VAT booking fee will remain in credit with Ibreed/Stal de Muze following veterinary certification. The booking fee is payable annually.
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Sandro Boy, OldSandro, HolstSacramento Song, PS
Duerte, Holst
Wiadora, OldGrannus, Han
Walide, Old
Cordula De Laubry, BWPFor Pleasure, HanFurioso Ii Ex Vertuoso, SFS
Gigantin, Han
Uganda De Laubry, OESDarco, BWP
Nikita Van De Heemstede, OES

Fantomas de Muze won the Sires of The World in 2014 in Lanaken, beating all the favorites. He was also 2nd in the CSI-W Power of London in front of an inflamed audience. He is now regularly ranked in CSI under the saddle of Karline De Brabander. The couple also finishes 4th in the Belgian Championship in 2016. He brings power, flexibility and a formidable mind.

Purchase Option

Pregnancy Deal – Frozen Semen

Stud Name

Ibreed/Stal De Muze