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Connor has elastic, ground-covering and rhythmic movement with a particularly remarkable canter and jumps free with exceptional ability, carefulness and technique, but is still rather easily impressed by his surroundings, similar to his sire at a young age.

Available as Pregnancy Deal – Frozen Semen.

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Holsteiner • Bay • 2006 • 173cm

CasallCaretinoCaletto II
Isidor H
Kira XVII ZB1-BPLavall I
Maltia H
Korrada S ZB1-VPCor de la Byère SFRantzau xx
Quenotte SF
Soleil HCapitol I
Kuerette H

According to successful breeders, you have to combine the interesting in order to attain the exceptional. Eduard Struve did just that when breeding his mare Korrada to then 6-year-old Casall which he recognized as a promising sire early on. The result of his considerations is Connor – a big-framed stallion with a particularly powerful back, and with long and correct legs.

Connor’s dam is a full sister to the licensed stallion Corrado I, successfully shown at international level by Bo Kristoffersen and Franke Sloothaak from 1991 to 199, chalking up Grand Prix wins in Leuwaarden, Dortmund, Aarhus, Neumünster, Kiel, and many more. He succeeded in establishing a sire line of his own in Holstein and has turned out international top horses like Corrada (Peter Charles), Cosima (Markus Fuchs), Think Twice (Leopold van Asten), Clinton (Dirk Demeersman) and, most recently, Corradina (Carsten-Otto Nagel) for two decades.

Connor’s sire Casall Ask has been superbly produced at the stable of Hong Kong Olympic bronze medallist, Rolf-Göran Bengtsson. He has won and achieved outstanding placings at Grand Prix level and in the Global Champions Tour. Following his injury lay-off after the London Olympics, Casall Ask achieved outstanding results at the Herning European championships securing the team bronze and fi nishing fourth individually. He is also an absolutely fantastic and exceptional breeding stallion – as yet he has given the breed several champion mares and the 2013 champion stallion Casaltino. Casall offspring have been coming to the fore more and more on national and international level. The female line 6879 ranks among the high achievers in the Holsteiner breeding programme.

Already in the 1950s, this mare family attracted attention for the successful mares Baden (Hans Evers) and Original Holsatia (Fritz Thiedemann), later for Landlord (Breido Graf zu Rantzau, Ludger Beerbaum), and Lausbub (Achaz von Buchwaldt). Today’s representatives include Carlina, internationally successful under Ulrich Kirchhoff and Cassiato, winner of world cup classes under Australia’s Harley Brown.

As to be expected, Connor passed his stallion performance test with outstanding results. With a free jumping score of 9.25 and 10.0 for course jumping ability, his jumping index was 130.54, placing him 2nd in the jumping standings. In 2012, the stallion was very successfully shown by his rider Thomas Konle, winning many young jumper classes at M* level. At the Bundeschampionat he performed well and qualified for the 6-year-old show jumper fi nal. At 7-year-old he won several jumper classes at S level and became the Elmshorn 7-year-old Holsteiner jumper champion in June 2013.

His offspring put him in the limelight at the 2013 Neumünster stallion grading not only because of his son Coruscant becoming reserve champion stallion, but also his second licensed son Cioto attracted the attention of the international professional audience.

Horse performance test, 70 day test, 2009, Schlieckau: Overall 116,50 (7th/44) Jumping 130.60,  Dressage 101,28

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Pregnancy Deal – Frozen Semen

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Holsteiner Verband