Catchar Mail

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Catchar Mail has so far had a magnificent success in his first two years of breeding 2015-2016. Many foals out of the best broodmares have been born in France in 2016 but also throughout Europe.

Available as Pregnancy Deal – Frozen Semen.

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2012 • Brown • Selle Francais

Diamant De Semilly SfLe Tot De Semilly SfGrand Veneur Sf
Venue Du Tot Sf
Venise Des Cresles SfElf Iii Sf
Miss Des Cresles (Amarpour Ps)
Katchina Mail SfCalvaro HolstCaletto I (Cor De La Bryere Sf)
Deka (Capitol I)
Elvira Mail SfLaudanum Ps
Adoret Z Hann (Almé Sf)


Diamant De Semilly x Katchina Mail… no comment needed! Diamant De Semilly is The Best stallion in the world today and his influence can be seen in all the major studbooks. Katchina Mail is one of the best mares in the world who won in CSIW & CSIO. She is a daughter of the Olympic horse Calvaro. Katchina is also the sister of the Olympic stallion Jaguar Mail, winner in CSIO of the Sire of The World. Jaguar is the sire of winners in both CSI & CCI. (4th in the world )

Elvira Mail, the dam of Katchina, is sister to the stallion Fergar Mail exported to Mexico under the name of Chapultepec LS also sire of some great winners inCSIO, and she is sister to Chergar Mail winner in CSIO with Ph. Rozier (ISO 165) and Hoggar Mail French 6yr old Champion and CSIO winner.


Vice Champion of Normandy 2016 4 Year Olds. Catchar Mail jumped 7 rounds with 7 clears and a double clear at the CIR in Auvers and is vice Champion of 4 year olds in Normandy 2016.

In 2017, Catchar won the Normandy 5 yr olds championship & also he was French champion of his generation, ISO 137.


First 2 year olds in 2018 very talented: scope & careful over the fence.

Catchar Mail is licenced by AES & SF stud-books in 2015.

Modern foals, with good balance and a super gallop.


If your dream is to breed a colt like Catchar Mail, then be one of the first breeders to breed foals from him.

Catchar‘s sire is the World Winner (Jerez 2002) Diamant De Semilly, N°1 SF sire in the world in 2015-2016 and his dam Katchina Mail was vice World Winner (Lexington 2010), 14th in the World 2008 and Finalist (11th) in the World Cup (Geneva 2010).

Catchar Mail’s first foals are superbes, lots of blood, with a good look and a magnificent well balanced gallop. Catchar is truly built like a stallion made of a good height , length and strength. He corresponds to mares SF, AA & SE, of a medium size like those of Quidam De Revel, Quick Star, Kannan. The son of the star Katchina Mail is also proud to see his father Diamant De Semilly remain best stallion in the world for 2016. Catchar is the strength and power of Diamant and Calvaro with the finesse,influx and intelligence of Katchina and Laudanum.

His first foals did very well in the French foal shows. Those that were qualified for the finals took home prizes of 300€ x 2 : 600€ in 2016 offered by the SF studbook. Catchar Mail was one of the 3 young stallions the most represented with 13 foals at the shows.

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Pregnancy Deal – Frozen Semen

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