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Caracho’s movement is characterized both by the hand and when freewheeling by great energy, a lot of elasticity and room handle. Under the rider, the stallion shows well balanced and uncomplicated.

Available as Pregnancy Deal – Chilled Semen.

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2012 • Brown • 166cm • Holstein

CassilanoCassini ICapitol I
Notre Dame ILavaletto
Stella IVQuick Star SFGaloubet A SF
Stella SF
Nienburg IIIConcerto II

Great sportiness characterizes the champion stallion of the 2014 licensing in particular. The conformation of the medium-sized young stallion is characterized by positive riding horse points. An expressive head with a big, intelligent eye. The withers are pronounced and turns into a relatively long but strongly constructed back and a long, somewhat sloping croup, as is typical of the inheritance of the Quick Star. The foundation is correct with clear and dry joints, the stallion stands on well-trained, healthy hooves.

After Caracho completed his 30-day test in the spring of 2015 under the expected result, the 70-day test in October / November showed a much better and the performance of the stallion more appropriate image. The rideability rating of 9.0, the free jumping rating of 8.5 and the 9.0 in the show jumping competition gave a jumping final score of 8.24.

In the tournament season 2016 Caracho completed under Maximilian Gräfe his first show jumping class A and placed twice in second place, including in the context of the State Championships in Elmshorn with the grade 8.6. Matured further, he presented himself last season under Ebba Johansson. He was able to win two class M show jumping horse classes and he placed several times in classes L and M.

Caracho’s father, Cassilano, was champion stallion of the licensing 2009 in Neumünster and was able to win jumping competitions with scores up to 9.0. At the Bundeschampionat 2012 he placed high in the qualifications and qualified for the final. Cassilano’s offspring is characterized by very good type expression and high quality of movement. Also, the rare success that a champion stallion already with his first year, in turn, a champion stallion, speaks for his inheritance quality.

The mother Stella deserves the title “particularly valuable”. Even in sport under Jens Ritters up to the class S successful, she is one of the few Quick Star mares in the Holsteiner breed and has a pedigree of the extra class. With the exceptional athlete and top sire Quick Star in conjunction with the top Holsteiner sire Concerto II, followed by the French century stallion Cor de la Bryère, the ancestral series goes back to the ancestral mother of the knight breed Virginia. The Concerto II daughter, Nienburg III, has also come into the limelight through her offspring. With Compadre van de Helle, she has a highly successful offspring, who under the age of ten could already place in 1.60m competitions under Constant van Paesschen. Furthermore she presented the licensed stallions Casquetto and Ferron to the Holsteiner breed.

The Frivol xx daughter Virginia, from the “Caletto Tribe” 730B, brought through her daughters an enormous number of performance offspring, including Marius, Cefalo and Cassilano.

A particularly interesting aspect in the genetic makeup of the Caracho is the decision of its breeder to consciously inbreeding the success strain 730B in order to further anchor the breeding elements of this line. In Caracho’s jumping, the high values ​​of his pedigree are clearly reflected. Out of an excellent gallopade the brown young stallion jumps at any time with great ease and caution. He shows a very good flow on the jump, with his hindquarters is particularly striking – a sure legacy of his grandfather Quick Star, who has also inherited his attitude and his fighting spirit undoubtedly. The true ability of a jumper is difficult to judge at a young age and never alone guarantees a career in show jumping. The facilities that Caracho discloses today

The breeding value estimation of the Caracho regarding foal assessment is to be evaluated positively. 122 points were determined for the stallion in terms of gait and momentum. This number is also confirmed by the number of its prize-winning progeny in 2017, as 60% of its foals received a premium.

Thoughts on mating

Because of his highly consolidated pedigree, Caracho is expected to be inherited both in type and in performance. Based on his conformation, the stallion should be fed mares with a well-set, long neck, as are typical of many offspring of the stallion Landgraf I. Caracho’s foals are characterized by their special quality of movement.

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Pregnancy Deal – Chilled Semen

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Holsteiner Verband