Bank & Public Holiday Information 2020

Irish Holidays

Couriers shipping semen from any stud or from ourselves cannot deliver on a bank or public holiday.  The Euro Stallions office is open on all Bank Holidays from February to August, so semen can still be ordered and dispatched from the EU for next-day delivery on these days, providing there are no corresponding EU holiday dates where your chosen stallion stands.

Frozen semen cannot be shipped from Euro Stallions in Tullamore, Offaly on a bank holiday, but you can collect the frozen semen or chilled semen from Pilothago. We can also arrange a same day courier (at additional cost). Same day courier services are available throughout the season for any frozen semen in stock at Euro Stallions or chilled semen from Pilothago.

Irish Holidays:

  • 13 Apr Monday
  • 4 May Monday
  • 1 Jun Monday
  • 3 Aug Monday

UK Holidays:

  • 10th April Friday
  • 13th April Monday
  • 8th May Friday
  • 25th May Monday
  • 31st August Monday

European Holidays

Semen cannot be ordered or sent from studs in Europe on these days. Where an EU Bank Holiday falls on a Monday, the earliest the semen can be delivered to Ireland or the UK is the Wednesday of the same week. If there is not a public holiday in Ireland or the UK on the same day, we can ship frozen semen.

Germany Public Holidays:

Studs affected: Deckstation Schockemöhle, Gerd Sosath and Klosterhof Medingen.

  • 10th April Friday (UK Holiday also)
  • 13th April Monday (Ireland & UK Holiday also)
  • 1st May Friday
  • 21st May Thursday
  • 1st June Monday (Ireland Holiday also)

France Public Holidays:

Studs affected: Beligneux le Haras, GFE Web, Haras de Brullemail & Ibreed Agency

  • 10th April Friday (UK Holiday also)
  • 13th April Monday (Ireland & UK Holiday also)
  • 1st May Friday
  • 8th May Friday (UK Holiday also)
  • 21st May Thursday
  • 1st June Monday (Ireland Holiday also)
  • 14th July Tuesday
  • 15th August Saturday

The Netherlands Public Holidays:

Studs affected; Team Nijhof, De Radstake & Van Olst

  • 10th April Friday (UK Holiday also)
  • 13th April Monday (Ireland & UK Holiday also)
  • 27th April Monday
  • 5th May Tuesday
  • 21st May Thursday
  • 1st June Monday (Ireland Holiday also)
How do I order?

Our new online order system is now up and running, ready to process your 2020 orders. You will need to do some research and have all the following details at hand when ordering:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the T&Cs of the semen you wish to order. Please do so at least one day before placing your order – allowing yourself ample time to ask us questions and review your options in advance of the day you need to order the semen. It will not be possible for us to discuss individual stallion details before 11am in the morning as this time is spent solely placing orders so that we can have our clients’ orders in as early as possible.
  2. Be aware of order deadlines for the relevant stud and ensure plenty of time to place your order. The order form and payment can all be completed in advance. If this is done, the vet can simply confirm the order the day before your mare is ready to inseminate.
  3. Mare owner’s full contact details. (Name, Address, Email & Phone number)
  4. Invoice details if different.
  5. Your mare’s passport details; Name and Universal Equine Life Number (UELN/Passport number), her year of birth, sire and dam.
  6. Registration Details of the Foal: which studbook you wish to use, whether you are performing normal artificial insemination, embryo transfer, embryo freezing or OPU & ICSI.
  7. Debit or Credit card details – Full payment is required in advance of any semen shipments.
  8. Your inseminating veterinarian full contact details. (Name, Address & Phone number)
  9. These details are essential for all semen orders and semen cannot be sent without these details.
  10. Our office is open 7am to 4pm Monday to Friday, but orders can be placed via the website or email 7 days a week, 24hours per day
When do I need to have my order placed?
  • Chilled semen orders for stallions standing abroad MUST be placed  AT THE LASTEST BEFORE 9am, for next day delivery.
  • Some stallions are extremely popular and in high demand. It is important to remember that the earlier you can advise us of when you need the semen the better. Some of the most popular stallions include: Tangelo, Balou du Rouet, Conthargos, Casall, Diarado, I’m Special, Verdi, Untouchable, Malito de Reve, Chacoon Blue, Eldorado, Grandorado, Diaron, Glamourdale and Johnson. This list is not exhaustive so it is always best to speak to us in advance and we will be happy to advise you.
  • Chilled semen orders for Keros stallions MUST be placed BEFORE 8am, for next day delivery. This affects the stallion Untouchable 27.
  • Frozen semen orders MUST be placed BEFORE 12noon, for ROI/NI deliveries. Delivery of frozen semen can take 1-3 working days.
  • Frozen semen orders MUST be placed BEFORE 10am, for UK and further Europe shipments. Delivery times for frozen semen outside of ROI/NI, depends on health paper requirements etc.
  • Orders that are not received on time cannot be guaranteed. While we will always endeavour to accommodate all breeders and orders, sometimes it is simply not possible if the order is received late.
  • We strongly advise that you do your preparations for all semen orders at least one day prior to ordering. It is important to ensure you have all the required details at hand.
  • Our resident stallion, PILOTHAGO TN FROM TEAM NIJHOF, is available to order for delivery or collection 7 DAYS A WEEK. Pilothago has excellent fertility and produces beautiful, correct, modern and blood type foals with a particularly good canter.
  • Our office is open 7am to 4pm Monday to Friday, but orders can be placed via the website or email 7 days a week, 24hours per day.
How much are shipments?

Frozen semen shipments: €95 + VAT for delivery to any ROI address, within 1-3 working days OR €65 + VAT to collect straws from our collection point in Tullamore, Offaly.

Chilled semen shipments vary, based on stud location and delivery destination.

Can I order now and pay later?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer credit on any accounts.

All payments must be made up front, before orders can be processed.

Any relevant refunds will be processed following the October 1st deadline, whereby all mare owners MUST confirm their mare’s pregnancy status with veterinary certification. If certification is received earlier that Oct 1st, the refund and/or credit for the following season will be applied at that point.

What is a booking fee?

Booking fees are included in the stud fee cost. They are non-refundable payments, which in many cases are charged on an annual basis.

Booking fees are set by the individual studs, thus Euro Stallions cannot amend these.

The relevant booking fee will be made clear upon booking. However, we advise customers to read the relevant stallion and stud T&Cs, before ordering.

What is a breeding fee?

By purchasing a breeding fee, the mare owner will have unlimited attempts to get one mare in foal in the breeding season, to one stallion. If your mare is not scanned in foal on Oct 1st, you will either be entitled to a refund, minus a non-refundable booking fee, or the appropriate credit in the following season.

Booking fees, refund policies and credit offered vary from stud to stud. Euro Stallions cannot amend or make exceptions regarding the charges of the stallion owners.

What happens if my mare loses her pregnancy after October 1st?

If your mare is scanned in foal and then subsequently loses the foal after Oct 1st or fails to produce a live foal at birth you are entitled to credit with the stud you used if you purchased a breeding fee. The credits offered vary from stud to stud and are detailed in the stud T&Cs. There is also a summary of the stud terms on each stallions’ page.

Do Bank Holidays affect ordering?

Euro Stallions’ office is open on every Bank Holiday throughout the season.

For chilled semen being ordered from abroad, semen can be ordered on a bank holiday as long as it is not also a bank holiday in the country where your chosen stallion stands (dates listed here).

Semen cannot be delivered from any stallion on bank holidays within Ireland and or Northern Ireland.

Chilled semen from Pilothago TN is available to collect at our collection point in Tullamore on Bank Holidays.

Is it possible to have semen shipped to an address outside of the EU?

Unfortunately we do not ship outside of the EU. Euro Stallions is EU-approved and provides Irish, UK and European breeders with easy access to some of the sport horse world’s very best stallions.

Can Euro Stallions advise me on my semen order?

We are very happy to discuss the attributes of all stallions that we sell and their fertility rates. We are also more than happy to advise you on suitable semen options, however, as we have not assessed your mare and are not in control of other factors affecting your mare’s breeding success, we ask that you consult with your own inseminating veterinarian on all decisions surrounding your mare.

What is the difference in using frozen and chilled semen?

Chilled semen: Ideally used pre ovulation & within 24 hours of ovulation. Chilled semen typically suits older mares and mares with fertility issues better. With Pilothago, you also have the option of ‘same day semen’ which also increases your chances of pregnancy with a difficult breeder.

Frozen semen: Usually used post ovulation & within 6 hours (or less if possible) of ovulation.

* Please consult with your inseminating veterinarian on all decisions, as we have not assessed your mare and are not in a position to give specific breeding advice

Can I buy straws and leave them in storage at Euro Stallions?

Short term storage (within the same season as purchase) for frozen semen is offered free of charge. Long term storage (3 months or more) is available at €10 + VAT per month. Please get in touch with us to arrange long term storage of large volumes of frozen semen in Ireland. We are also happy to store and distribute frozen semen on your behalf as long as it meets all EU approved guidelines.

Can I bring my mare to Euro Stallions, for insemination?

As our premises is a closed farm for bio security reasons, we do not offer AI services here, nor do we travel to AI mares on your farm. However, we can pass on contact details of many fully qualified equine reproductive vets nationwide, who you can get in touch with.

Can I collect semen directly from Euro Stallions?

As our premises is a closed farm for bio security reasons and we do not offer collections from here. However, we do have a designated collection point in Tullamore town, from which you can pick up our container with your straws. We will then have the container collected from your vet’s premises in the days following the insemination. Frozen semen collections are charged at €65 + VAT.