Cookie Policy


EUROSTALLIONS uses cookies in order to deliver its services to you. Among the things for which we use cookies are monitoring website traffic and enhancing you experience of our services.

Cookies are pieces of data which we send from our website to your device when you access our online services. They are used to recognise you when you return to the website and to assess you preferences

Rejecting Cookies

Your browser will permit you to switch off or reject cookies. If you reject cookies, you may not be able to use or access certain of our online or mobile services.

Cookie Types

Necessary or Essential

Some cookies are vital to provide you with secure services and access to secured websites. Under GDPR EUROSTALLIONS has a duty to hold and process your data securely. If you reject these cookies, EUROSTALLIONS will not be in a position to provide some or all of its services to you.

Functional Cookies which Remember Your Choices

These cookies permit EUROSTALLIONS to retain choices you make and provide enhanced, more personal features. They log your choices and keep track of your activity on the website.

Cookies used for Monitoring Website Performance

EUROSTALLIONS uses these cookies to monitor the traffic over its website. These cookies do not identify individuals but are aggregated to provide useful data for EUROSTALLIONS to maintain and enhance its services to you.

EUROSTALLIONS uses first-party analytics cookies for this purpose.

Disabling Cookies / Opting Out

Please visit for more information about cookies and how to opt out of using different types of cookies. If you visit you can find more information about opting out of targeting cookies.