We are changing direction...

From 2022 onwards, Euro Stallions will no longer supply chilled nor frozen semen on a pregnancy basis. We have been working on a new line of veterinary products and will focus solely on this and our own breeding programme going forward. Our website will be back up in a couple of weeks with the straws and equipment we are selling off.

Past clients please note

From April 11th to 22nd, we will be contacting all breeders individually to inform them of their credits which will be transferred back to the studs for your use. Breeders who are due a refund will have the refund sent directly to their bank account. Most 2021 covering certificates are already submitted to HSI, but if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us; info@eurostallions.ie. Some breeders have already begun inseminations and if you wish to start before April 22nd please contact us and we will organise the finalization of your account ASAP.

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